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Scripture Reference:
Contradictions within LDS Scriptures

One of the curious aspects about an examination of LDS scriptures is the fact that there are substantial and irreconcilable differences between doctrine as presented in the Book of Mormon and other LDS scriptures. If the Book of Mormon is "the most correct of any book on earth" then it stands to reason that either this claim is invalid, or the other LDS scriptures are in serious error (or both). (Thanks to Craig Schmall for compiling this list.)

There is one God

Alma 11:26-31

Alma 14:5
There are many Gods

D&C 76:58
D&C 121:28
D&C 132:20
Abraham 4:1-ff

God is a Spirit

Alma 18:26-28
Alma 22:9-11

God has a body

D&C 130:22

God's word is unchangeable

Alma 41:8

God's word can change

D&C 56:4

No salvation after death

Alma 34:32-35

Salvation possible after death

D&C 88:99

Hell is eternal

Mosiah 3:24-27

Hell is not eternal

D&C 76:106-112

Polygamy condemned

Jacob 1:15
Jacob 2:27
Ether 10:5

Polygamy commanded

D&C 132:1-4
D&C 132:37-39
D&C 132:61-62

God dwells in our heart

Alma 34:36
Helaman 5:45

God doesn't dwell in our heart

D&C 130:3

Murder can be forgiven

3 Nephi 30:2

Murder cannot be forgiven

D&C 42:18

God condemns lying

Ether 3:12
2 Nephi 9:34

God commands lying

Abraham 2:22-25

Mankind created on earth

Jacob 4:9

Mankind pre-existed in heaven

D&C 93:23
D&C 93:29

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