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Scripture Reference:
Notable Absences of LDS Doctrine from Book of Mormon

Certain essential Mormon doctrines are curiously (and conspicuously) absent from the Book of Mormon. The reason that these absences are significant is because all of these doctrines are connected to "the restored gospel", and yet the Book of Mormon claims to contain the "fulness of the gospel. " Yet these essential Mormon doctrines are entirely absent from the Book of Mormon, and are found only in other LDS scriptures or writings.

The Pre-existence of man D&C 93:23
D&C 93:29
Multiple Kingdoms of Heaven D&C 76:81-98
Aaronic & Melchizedek Priesthoods D&C 107:1 ff
Baptism for the Dead D&C 127:5-7
Plural marriage required for salvation / exaltation D&C 132:1-4
Man becoming god D&C 132:20
Multiplicity of gods Abraham 4
Eternal progression Articles of Faith, p. 430-431
Celestial marriage D&C 132
The Word of Wisdom D&C 89
Our "mother" in heaven Articles of Faith, p. 443

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