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Who is Main Street Church?

Main Street Church Church is a non-denominational church in Brigham City, Utah. We are a church who loves Jesus and want to share Him with our neighbors, many of whom are Latter-day Saints (Mormons).

As a result, many of our outward-focused activities have in mind our LDS neighbors. This website, for example, contains information that we have gathered over the years that we believe can be helpful to seeking Latter-day Saint as well as other people who want to understand how to dialogue with them.

We also continually seek God's guidance about other creative opportunities to be His ambassadors, both in our community and among the larger LDS community.

What is Main Street Church's mission and objectives?

Our mission is to proclaim the biblical gospel of Jesus Christ, and to enable and equip followers of Jesus for service and ministry.

As a church congregation, this translates into (among other things) gathering regularly to worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus; to mutually love and encourage one another; and to to learn from His word, the Bible.

As a ministry, this translates into seeking God's guidance and taking opportunities to share the good news of Jesus with our community--locally and beyond--be it through simple person-to-person interaction, activities, events, presentations, publications. We seek to creatively proclaim the biblical gospel of Jesus through whatever means God makes available to us.

Is Main Street Church "anti-Mormon"?

Absolutely not. Make no mistake...we care deeply for Mormons. We live in a predominantly LDS community, they are our friends and neighbors. It's not like we gather together in orer to bash or trash-talk anyone. (Just check out our sermons each Sunday, you'll see that is not the case!)

We gained a reputation among some as being "anti-Mormon" because we have made freely available information that challenges the truth claims of Mormonism. Sadly, this has been interpreted by some as an attack, when our intent is nothing of the sort.

As for our outward-focused activities that relate to Mormons and Mormonism, we do what we do out of love and concern for our LDS friends and neighbors, and a desire to share biblical Truth. To learn more about our motivation in outreach to Latter-day Saints, please read our "open letter to Mormons".

What is the status of the video ministry (Living Hope Ministries)?

Living Hope Ministries began as a video ministry of Living Hope Christian Fellowship (now Main Street Church), and resulted in the production of four documentaries which have been widely used to share biblical truths with Mormons.

In 2008, the director of Living Hope Ministries chose to separate the ministry organizationally from the Living Hope Church. Living Hope Ministries (which is now officially known as SourceFlix, Inc.) continues to produce documentaries. (SourceFlix was given the rights to the first three documentaries produced under Living Hope Ministries, DNA vs. The Book of Mormon; Called to be Free; and The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon.)

Main Street Church retains the rights to Lifting the Veil of Polygamy, in part because of our growing involvement with outreach to the Fundamentalist (polygamist) community. Main Street Church remains committed to actively sharing biblical truths with our Latter-day Saint neighbors, both locally and around the world, and this includes a continuing involvement in media.

Are more Mormonism-related videos being produced by Main Street Church?

Yes! In 2011, Main Street Church released the film, Unveiling Grace, which grew out of Main Street Church's online ministry created the previous year, Sacred Groves, a site dedicated to sharing the stories of Latter-day Saints who have a life-changing encounter with Jesus. We are currently working on several other projects that we expect to become available on DVD; we are also collecting and posting interviews with former Latter-day Saints at

Are you former Mormons?

None of the staff of Main Street Church were ever directly involved in Mormonism. However, many people in the Main Street Church congregation do come from an LDS background. And our being situated in a predominantly LDS community means that we have a heart to reach these people for Jesus Christ.

How is Main Street Church supported?

Main Street Church is entirely supported by gifts, offerings, and donations from people both from inside and outside the Main Street congregation. Those from the outside contribute to help support Main Street's outward-focused ministry activities.

Main Street, for example, employs two full-time missionaries whose financial support must come primarily from outside the congregation. Main Street is 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization; all contributions are tax-deductible in the United States. If you are interested in contributing financially to Main Street Church, learn more here, or contact us with any questions you may have.

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