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Missionary 911 Missionary 911 (DVD; 2016)
more about this film


$6.00 each (+S&H)

Order Manual + DVD for $16 (+S&H)

A Home For Hagar A Home For Hagar (DVD; 2014)
more about this film

  $1.50 each (+S&H)

English; English subtitles

Unveiling Grace
Unveiling Grace (DVD; 2011)
more about this film

English; English & Spanish Subtitles

$4.00 (+S&H)
($3.00 in quantities of 10 or more)

Lifting the Veil of Polygamy

Lifting the Veil of Polygamy

This film is no longer for sale, but can be viewed online at this link.


Jesus Christ Joseph Smith
Jesus Christ / Joseph Smith (DVD)
more about this film

*This DVD comes in a color cardstock envelope and is produced by Good News for LDS, and is not affiliated with Main Street Church.


The first three "Living Hope" Documentaries (DNA vs. The Book of Mormon; The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon; and Called to be Free) are no longer managed or sold by this church or website. You may also purchase them, and many other resources, from the Utah Lighthouse Ministry online bookstore.

Polygamy: What Love Is This?
A Weekly Internet Broadcast Available on YouTube, Vimeo, and Roku-TV!

Books & Other Materials

Missionary 911 Manual

Missionary 911 Manual:
Notes & Supplementary Information

by Main Street Church

$12 per copy, + S&H

Order Manual + DVD for $16 (+S&H)

Unveiling Grace - Book Unveiling Grace
The True Story of How We Found Our Way Out of the Mormon Church

by Lynn K. Wilder

Click to Order
$10.00 per copy + S&H

A New Song: Glimpses of the Grace Journey
Edited by Diane Kulkarni

An anthology of essays, poems, stories and photos celebrating God's grace on life's journey. Click here for more information!

Click to Order
$18 per copy + S&H

Is Polygamy Biblical?

by Doris Hanson

Written by a former Mormon fundamentalist, this short booklet examines Old and New Testament passages that discuss plural marriage and God's true intent for marriage, and answers the question: Is polygamy really biblically supported?

$3.50 +S&H; $3.00 each in quantities of 10 or more

Book: Journey from Mormonism Journey from Mormonism
by Christine Carroll

A unique blend of the author's personal experience in leaving Mormonism, blended with thorough doctrinal and historical research, taken directly from Mormon works and references.

            $20 + S&H

Losing a Lost Tribe
Native Americans, DNA and the Mormon Church

by Simon G. Southerton

A scientific yet accessible analysis of the DNA challenge that is facing the LDS Church, written by Dr. Simon G. Southerton, who participated in the DVD, DNA vs. The Book of Mormon.

             $25 +S&H
The Mormon Missionaries
An Inside Look at Their Real Message & Methods

by Janis Hutchinson

Written by former Mormon and former Mormon Fundamentalist, this book examines the actual teachings that lie behind what the Mormon missionaries present when they approach would-be converts.

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             $15 +S&H

Out of the Cults & Into the Church
Understanding & Encouraging Ex-Cultists

by Janis Hutchinson

A book written specifically for those who are on either end of the struggle to exit a cult group, and for the people who care about them. Written by a former Mormon fundamentalist.

The Sixth of Seven Wives:
Escape from Modern Day Polygamy

by Mary Mackert

A fascinating true story of a woman trapped in a polygamous marriage to a man much older than her, and her harrowing story of escape.

His Favorite Wife:
Trapped in Polygamy

by Susan Ray Schmidt

An intimate look inside a violent faith, from the perspective of a woman trapped in a polygamous community.


How Good is Good Enough?
By Andy Stanley

This excellent little evangelistic booklet is now available only in singles. They are great to give to your friends and neighbors who need to know the biblical Gospel. It shows what's wrong with the most popular theory about heaven...and what it really takes to get there.


Jesus Christ / Joseph Smith
Book + DVD
By Floyd McElveen

This book (and the accompanying DVD) is a comprehensive look at the major challenges facing Mormonism...historically, biblically, and doctrinally. Book comes with the DVD of the same title inserted in the back cover!

for more information on this book, click here.

$13 +S&H

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