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Main Street Church is a small, biblically-based, non-denominational evangelical church that desires to be a "church home" for any believer in Jesus, or anyone who is seeking to know Him.

As followers of Jesus, we acknowledge our universal calling to be His witnesses in this world. As a church in the predominantly Mormon community of Brigham City, Utah, we seek to be a loving and truth-bearing witness to the biblical Jesus Christ to our Latter-day Saint neighbors. Our goal is to share the rich, deep love of Jesus with all who are seeking Him, and point to the way of eternal life as revealed in the Bible.

We meet as a church in a storefront building at 48 North Main Street, in downtown Brigham City, Utah. Brigham City is about 1 hour's drive north of Salt Lake City, just off of I-15. Visitors are always welcome! (click here for map & directions.)

We are a church that teaches the Bible as God's word; Jesus Christ as the only means of salvation from God's holy and right judgment against sin; the only means to eternal life; and the need for all people to come to Him. Our teaching is Bible-centered, dynamic, and relevant to daily life. We usually worship with contemporary, acoustic music. Dress is casual...come as you are!

We are a church of people--people from all walks and stages of life--forgiven sinners, who seek to be in tune with the Holy Spirit, and who strive to serve Jesus with all our heart and mind and strength, and to be led by Him in spirit and truth. We desire to love Jesus and one another. We don't do that perfectly, but we rest upon God's miraculous grace to save us in spite of ourselves, and accomplish His good and perfect will through imperfect vessels like us!

So if you are looking for a perfect church full of perfect people, you may want to keep looking. But if you want to join with those of us who rely daily on God's grace and forgiveness, we would be more than happy to have you join us!

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Jim Catlin (pastor)*
Phone: (435) 723-6469 (ext 113)

Scott Johnson (media production)
Phone: (435) 723-6469 (ext 112)

Betsey McCarley (bookkeeping)
Phone: (435) 723-6469 (ext 115)

General Inquiries:
Phone: (435) 723-6469

*We like to avoid titles wherever possible. For example, it's not "Pastor Jim"; it's just "Jim".

Due to occasional special events or unforeseen circumstances, once in a while there may be a rescheduling or cancellation of a midweek meeting or activity. (We will try and keep any such changes posted on our church calendar.)

Nevertheless, if you are not a regular attender of Main Street Church (meaning you might have missed an announcement), or if you have not been present for a couple weeks, you may wish to contact us to make sure that we will be meeting on a given day.

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